Terms and Conditions

What is Jurox Plus?

Jurox Plus is a partnership between Jurox and independent veterinary clinics that rewards clinics for loyalty to the Jurox portfolio. Products purchased from Jurox Companion animal product categories will accrue points, which can then be ‘spent’ on a range of items

Data collection

All Jurox Plus partners are required to provide authorisation for their respective veterinary wholesalers to share purchase data with Jurox.

A partner must let their Jurox representative know if they change veterinary wholesalers and provide permission to obtain data from the new wholesaler.

Jurox store your information using data management software and we use a combination or security controls and internal processes to help us protect your data and your information within our network from unauthorised access and disclosure.

We will only use your information if we have a lawful reason to do so such as when it’s our legal duty or we have your consent and when it’s in our legitimate interest to do so. we collect data for our internal uses only and do not share your data with any external sources.

How do I qualify for Jurox Plus?

  • Spend over $6000 per fiscal quarter
  • Purchase Alfaxan at least once per fiscal quarter
  • Purchase from 3 out of 4 Key Product Groups
    • o Key Product Groups
      • Anaesthetics/Tranquilisers*
      • Cardiorespiratory
      • Parasiticides Internal
      • Antibiotics Oral*

*excludes purchases of Dormosedan, Dexdomitor, Moxylan, Cephaforte and Tribrissen

How do I join Jurox Plus?

You don’t need to do anything. You will automatically be assigned Jurox Plus benefits once you achieve the requirements above.

How does Jurox Plus work?

You will earn Jurox Plus points for every dollar spent across the Jurox Companion Animal Range. Points will be allocated based on the current Jurox published Veterinary Price list (available from your Jurox Territory Manager) and will be calculated based on volumes from veterinary wholesaler purchase data.

Your Jurox Plus points will be added to your account at the end of each financial quarter, typically before the 15th day of the following month. Jurox Plus points are earned on whole points only.

Your Jurox Territory Manager will communicate points to the authorised representative for the partner and will work with the clinic to redeem points. Points can be redeemed on a quarterly basis once calculations have been made available. You have 12 months to redeem your points, starting from the month in which you earnt them.

Leaving Jurox Plus

If you no longer want to take part in Jurox Plus you can inform your Jurox representative at any time. Once you leave you will be able to use your remaining points for redemption however you will not accrue any more points.

If you do not meet the criteria for maintaining Jurox Plus partnership, then you will be given a grace period of 3 months, in which you will maintain Jurox Plus status but not accrue any points. If within that three-month period you regain the Jurox Plus Partnership, you will start accruing points again, and be awarded points for retrospective purchases over that time. If you do not reach the minimum requirements again within 3 months you will no longer be a Jurox Plus partner. Should you reach the minimum requirements again after that three-month period, you will regain your status and begin accruing points however will not receive any retrospective points.

How do I redeem my points?

You can use your Jurox Plus points to redeem on products, support and other items through the Jurox Rewards Store. We may change or withdraw items that are available and may at times change the points required to redeem certain items. To redeem an item, you must have the minimum required number of points to proceed and you cannot use a combination of points and a monetary amount for any redemption. Redemption can occur at any time, however points for the current financial quarter will only made available at the end of that financial quarter, and typically not until the 15th of the following month. Redeemed items may take up to 30 days for delivery and cannot be returned or refunded.  

Please note that this program is in an early development phase, which means that there is likely to be some issues that have not been identified in testing. As a result, Jurox reserves the right to modify any part of the partnership offer. If we do may alternations or changes, we may or may not notify you, depending on the changes that we make.